Rock Solid by M^2 Fit

Rock Solid by M2 Fit
Workout Burn
Water breaks were appreciated!
Super affordable!
Got our burn and had fun!

The experience: Sadly, we have been so consumed with our doctorate programs that we have been neglecting TheGymCrashers! So, when we got a challenge to try Rock Solid fitness class by M2 Fit, we were happy to find the motivation to gym crash again!

We arranged to take the Monday 7:30PM class located at The Tango Room Dance Center in Sherman Oaks. After finding free parking in the lot for our three cars (because we had to arrive LA style), we easily located the Tango Room. Don’t get confused by the other fitness place located next door!! Of course we arrived early and were greeted by Maya and Meryl, our amazing fitness instructors. Then, we signed our releases, hung out in the waiting room, and watched the tango class finish up.

At the start of class we were all given resistance bands and told to spread out. Then the pop music got turned up, Meryl microphoned up, and we were led through a series of strength and cardio exercises. This workout reminds me of the Insanity videos. High intensity, low equipment needs (just the resistance band), and quick transitions. I was sweating profusely after only 10 minutes!! Here is a selfie we took during one of our breaks (with Katrina looking like she wants to kill me for dragging her out – haha!)

This class definitely gets your heart rate up with the mix of dance, cardio, kickboxing, aerobics, and plyometrics (love that word). If done regularly, this class will whip you into shape quick. Meryl and Maya are the perfect balance of friendly, but mean enough to hold you accountable. One thing that was great about this class is the diversity of people in it! It was busy, but not too packed, and had a nice mix of men and women!

If I lived closer to Sherman Oaks I would definitely go back, especially considering how cheap it is ($14)!!

Thanks for the invite Meryl and Maya! You are both truly inspiring! Keep up the good work!

All the dirty details:

Classes are Mondays at 7:30PM.

Free water is provided!

4346 Woodman Ave., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


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Bryan Kest Power Yoga

Bryan Kest Power Yoga
Workout Burn
Hurts so good!
Donation only!
A must do for all LA yoginis!

I have been to Power Yoga so many times, at both locations, that I feel it is worthy of second review. What keeps me coming back again and again? Both locations offer a large sized studio, numerous class times, and are all donation only!! Power Yoga now offers online classes, as well. I haven’t tried it because I find yoga is better in person because I feed off everyone’s positive energy!

Erin swears by Rudy’s class, but my favorite is Dan’s class on Sunday. All the classes I have taken at Power Yoga have been challenging.

These classes are better for people who are familiar with yoga poses. Beginners would most likely have a difficult time following along because the poses are often not demonstrated and the classes are fairly fast paced and crowded.

I recommend Power Yoga to anyone who loves yoga on the Westside . . . in some ways I see it as a right of passage for a LA Yogini. In other words, it is a must try . . . at least once.

Pros of the workout: cheap, lots of classes, great instructors, challenging workout, parking in santa monica garages are usually free for a few hours (just enough time to get a sweat)

Cons of the workout: not for beginners

All the details:

1410 2nd St., Santa Monica, CA 90401
522 Santa Monica Blvd., 2nd fl., Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 458-9510

Thanachot Gym – Thailand

Thanachot Gym
Workout Burn
Hardest workout I've ever done. Period.
Be kind & donate some baht for this class
Do this in your lifetime, if you can!

The experience: Ok, so this is very far from Los Angeles, but it is worthy of a review because it is quite possibly the toughest workout I’ve ever done. When we were in Phuket, Thailand for a yoga retreat we were lucky enough to train at Thanachot Gym, an amazing Muay Thai kickboxing gym.

Despite the language barrier, we were put through a strenuous training that brought me close to barfing or fainting several times.

First came the jumping rope for 10 minutes . . . this caused my calves to be on fire for a week after! We were taught proper punches, elbows, kicks and knees. Then we took turns with our instructor running drills or hitting the bag. Then we practiced in the ring! You would think that would be it, but NO! We ended the workout with pumping iron and 100 sit-ups on the angled bench!! Not exaggerating! My abs were sore for weeks after! The high humidity amped this workout to extreme challenge. When we were done being physically roughed up we were drenched in sweat and ready for delicious food! We definitely earned our mango sticky rice (which we bought off the street for $1US! AMAZING!!).

Our instructor said he could make us fighters in one month! So, if you find yourself with a month to spare, or even just a half a day in Phuket with nothing planned, then contact this gym and get your ass kicked! We gave them 100BHT each for their trouble, but you might need to talk money when you set it up. You will never forget this experience. Highly recommend!

All of the details:

Phuket, Thailand (by Old Airport Rd.)

QT Fitness

QT Fitness
Workout Burn
Def was dripping sweat
Average for the area
More QT please!

The experience: Erin and I are training for a triathlon in October, so we are trying to swim, bike and run as much as possible. When we got the invite to try QT Fitness, we jumped at the chance to crash a spin class . . . because that counts as training, right?

On a Saturday morning, we trekked out to the Palisades to crash a spin class at QT Fitness. We found plenty of parking in the lot & got a friendly greeting when we walked in!

So, what makes QT different from the others? It’s an upscale fitness studio designed JUST for women. So, no need to worry about grunting men staring at your lady parts while you get your workout on! This is a place to be a free and proud female! They offer spin, barre and yoga classes for women. They also offer yoga for girls! I bet my daughter would love that!

The instructor, Anastasia, came by and made sure our bikes were all adjusted correctly. Then she microphoned up, blasted the tunes, and made us work hard. She took us on an exercise journey of intervals of fast pedaling and then climbing hills. I was definitely using the free towel they provided to mop up serious sweat. Why does spinning always seem so much harder than a simple bike ride? I don’t know, but I got my ass kicked!

We will definitely be back for yoga and barre when we can find time in our busy schedules to trek to the Palisades. The vibe at QT is super friendly and supportive. This is a place that I would feel comfortable allowing my daughter to go to. If I lived closer, I would definitely pop in all the time for a good workout. If you are a westside woman, go check this place out!

Pros of the workout: Friendly people, lots of class times, free ample parking, clean equipment, free towel, supportive environment, good burn, excellent for women of all ages

Cons of the workout: If you are looking to score a man at the gym . . . this is NOT the place to go

All the dirty details:

542 Palisades Drive

Pacific Palisades CA 90272

Circuit Works Santa Monica

Circuit Works Santa Monica
Workout Burn
Intense and fast paced!
First class free, then it will cost you!
Still a favorite but change is hard

OH! Circuit Works Venice how I miss you!! That’s right Westsiders, CW Venice is no more and has moved to a Santa Monica location. In case you have not read our post on Circuit Works, here is a quick run-down on the workout: The CW workout is fast-paced. It includes 10 weight stations and cardio, which you alternate between usually for 2 minutes at a time (weight station, cardio, next weight station, cardio, etc.). Sometimes they include brief “commercial breaks” (or torture breaks), which are usually some form of difficult exercise to keep your heart rate up and target problem areas. At the end of the circuit is 5 minutes of abs.

Unfortunately, I’m sad to report that SM just isn’t the same as Venice. Some of the changes include: No more bikes, which means running on treadmill between every weight set . . . ugh! No more windows in the exercise room. That means sweating in a dungeon-like room and no hipsters walking their dogs down Abbot Kinney to distract me from the physical torture. No more smoothies or shots after the workout, which means no more yummy reward at the end for job well done.

I decided to switch my package to Brentwood location (as classes are not interchangeable between locations). IMO, it’s just better and worth the class prices.

CW will still kick your ass big time, so definitely worth checking it out. If you have never done a Circuit Works class . . . GO! First class free, so no excuses! BUT for those people (like me) who were die-hard CW Venice goers, the change might be hard. I know the changes have been hard for me.

Pros of the workout: works out your full body, great trainers, fast paced, different every week, first class free

Cons of the workout: dark exercise room, no more bikes, parking is tough (although biking is possible), not cheap

All of the details: They have towels for free. I recommend bringing water.

2005 Main St., Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 664-1017